virt-v2v-release-notes - virt-v2v release notes for 2.2


These are the release notes for virt-v2v 2.2. This describes the major changes since 2.0.

Virt-v2v 2.2.0 was released on Tuesday 10 January 2023.


When running virt-v2v as root, NBD Unix domain sockets in the v2v directory were openable by any user. We now set the directory owner so only qemu can access the sockets. See: (thanks Xiaodai Wang, Dr David Gilbert, Daniel Berrangé, Laszlo Ersek).

New features

New virt-v2v-inspector(1) tool. This tool can be used before conversion to collect facts about the source guest, such as number of disks, and to estimate the disk space required after conversion.

Add support for NVMe devices and SATA hard disks when importing from VMware VMX files (Laszlo Ersek).

Add support for importing to KubeVirt using the new experimental -o kubevirt mode.

Windows 11 guests are now supported.

Rocky Linux guest support has been added (Andrey Drobyshev).

Feature removed

The -o json mode was removed. It was intended to be used with KubeVirt but was never actually used there. Use -o kubevirt instead.

Other fixes

Fix detection of virtio-socket support in Linux guests (Laszlo Ersek). In addition, a semi-random guest CID is chosen in -o qemu mode, avoiding an error.

Allow importing OVAs where the user or group name inside the tarball contains a space (Jiří Sléžka).

Reject guests with snapshots when using -i vmx -it ssh (Laszlo Ersek).

Improve documentation for the need to enable PasswordAuthentication on the server side when importing over SSH (Laszlo Ersek).

Don't use the deprecated qemu -balloon option. This caused deprecation warnings with -o qemu mode. Use -device instead.

Rewrite device mapping in -o qemu mode, removing some strange / non-existent cases like SCSI floppies. This should result in more consistent device layout when using this mode (Laszlo Ersek).

Remove more left over open-vm-tools packages from Linux guests (Tim Kent).

In -o rhv-upload mode, do not return until the VM has been created (Tomáš Golembiovský).

Greatly improved vCPU model handling (Laszlo Ersek).

Document extra permissions needed for non-admin conversion with VMware 7 (Ming Xie).

QEMU guest agent is now installed unconditionally and where possible a virtio-serial socket is created in the guest metadata (Laszlo Ersek).

In the various RHV output modes, the number of disks is now limited to 23. RHV doesn't support anything greater and would break (Laszlo Ersek).

-oo compressed is now working again. It was temporarily broken in virt-v2v 2.0.

The documentation no longer advises you to use the dangerous global "LEGACY crypto" option, but provides more targeted advice (Laszlo Ersek).

Remove the LVM2 devices file during conversion (Laszlo Ersek).

Add support for guests using Zstandard compressed kernel modules.

Add the BOCHS DRM display driver in Linux guest initrd, to avoid a crash with some guests with graphical boot displays (Laszlo Ersek).

The UEFI fallback boot loader is now fixed up if we detect that it was broken (Laszlo Ersek).

Improve detection of guests using BIOS boot with GPT partitions so that we no longer confuse them with UEFI guests (Andrey Drobyshev).

Fix conflict between fwcfg and qemufwcfg Windows drivers (Laszlo Ersek).

Fix Windows 11 support for RHV outputs (Laszlo Ersek).

Build changes

Enable malloc debugging in tests with glibc ≥ 2.34.

When using make check-valgrind, valgrind output is no longer written to separate files under tmp/. Instead it is written to the normal test log file.

We now require ocamldep -one-line and -all options (added to ocamldep in Jan 2012).

The OCaml libvirt bindings are no longer bundled. They must be available at build time.

Updated the phony test images. The tests should all pass.

Add compatibility with OCaml 4.14.

We now require PCRE2 instead of PCRE.


New LUKS-on-LVM test added (Laszlo Ersek).

Added scripts/git.orderfile which orders files when we prepare patches.

Bugs fixed

v2v should set ovirt:id correctly after coverting windows11/2019/2022 guests to rhv via -o rhv-upload

qemufwcfg device cannot start or has no driver after v2v converting windows guests

The version of Win 11/Win 2019/Win 2022 shows incorrect on RHV after virt-v2v conversion

Copy newer versions of drivers for Win 11/Win 2019/Win 2022 during virt-v2v conversion

Win 2022 fails to boot after virt-p2v conversion from physical host with nvme disk

RHEL7 UEFI guest turns into black after v2v conversion

virt-v2v: error: internal error: assertion failed at, line 190, char 11

RHEL9 guest hangs during boot after conversion by virt-p2v

RHEL 8.6 VM with "qemu64" CPU model can't start because "the CPU is incompatible with host CPU: Host CPU does not provide required features: svm"

"/dev/nvme0n1" is not remapped to "/dev/vda" (etc) in boot config files such as "/boot/grub2/"

Virt-v2v can't convert rhel8.6 guest from VMware on rhel8.6

virt-v2v -o qemu prints cosmetic warning: "warning: short-form boolean option 'readonly' deprecated"

RHEL9.1 guest can't boot into OS after v2v conversion

-o qemu mode fails with: qemu-system-x86_64: -balloon: invalid option and other problems

do not pass "--non-bootable --read-write" to "volume create " in openstack output module

Virt-v2v can't convert guest when os is installed on nvme disk via vmx+ssh

fix virtio-vsock check (for Linux guests) in virt-v2v

Import of OVA fails if the user/group name contains spaces

The /tmp/v2v.XXXX directory has incorrect permisison if run v2v by root

RFE: Virt-v2v should replace hairy "enable LEGACY crypto" advice which a more targeted mechanism

RFE: Rebase virt-v2v to 2.0 in RHEL 9.1

[RFE]Limiting the maximum number of disks per guest for v2v conversions

Add '--compressed' support in modular v2v

Install the qemu-guest-agent package during the conversion process

There is virt-v2v warning: fstrim on guest filesystem /dev/mapper/osprober-linux-sdb1 failed if non-os disk of source guest has few/no inodes lef

Start or remove VM failure even v2v has already finished

No error shows when using virt-v2v -o rhv to convert guest to data domain

-i vmx -it ssh: document percent encoding in ssh URIs

-i vmx: SATA disks are not parsed

document that vmx+ssh "-ip" auth doesn't cover ssh / scp shell commands

Can't convert guest from VMware with non-admin account and vddk >=7.0 by virt-v2v

input_vmx: cleanly reject guests with snapshots when using "-it ssh"


virt-v2v(1), virt-v2v-release-notes-2.0(1), virt-v2v-release-notes-1.42(1), guestfs-release-notes-1.40(1).


Authors of virt-v2v 2.2:

Andrey Drobyshev
Emilio Herrera
Ettore Atalan
Hela Basa
Jan Kuparinen
Laszlo Ersek
Marcin Stanclik
Ming Xie
Pavel Borecki
Piotr Drąg
Richard W.M. Jones
Ricky Tigg
Temuri Doghonadze
Tim Kent
Tomáš Golembiovský
Yuri Chornoivan


Copyright (C) 2009-2023 Red Hat Inc.


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.


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